Sunday, 26 April 2015

The Sedges Tile Lake 26th April

The Sedges is a delightful fishery just outside Bridgwater. It has three lakes - Tile, Brick and a canal snake lake and all are very nicely stocked with all sorts of species. One of the good things about the place is that you do not have to bring nets with you, they supply them all. The match, pleasure and carp angler are all well catered for at the Sedges- it's well worth a visit. You can contact the venue through its web site.

The Sedges Tile lake

This was an invitational event (Lordy's birthday) and hopefully all who turned up enjoyed themselves (The cakes went anyway!) Chris won it with 126lb 11oz - mostly carp which he caught shallow at 11m using an Drennan AS2 pole float and 8mm pellet. He did have a few fish on the pellet waggler but the windy conditions made it difficult to present the bait properly. He also caught a few at 6m over hemp and corn.
Chris with just a few of his catch.

Second place went to Mike Steel with an all carp net of 92lb 9oz and third place went to Matt Taynton with 88lb 2oz. This included a 3lb 1oz eel - one hell of a snake!

This one was 3lb 1oz and there are some even bigger ones around.
Oh, and Lordy was the bridesmaid again! He came fourth with 65lb 13oz using a mixture of pellet waggler, cage feeder and his new Drennan Acolyte carp pole. Hard pellet did the trick on the pellet waggler and the cage feeder but he reverted to the Drennan 6mm crab and krill "Yum Yums" again to fish at 8m for a total of 15 carp.

The smile is genuine - honest!

Derek Higgs with an 8lb common - caught in unusual circumstances - You'll have to ask him!

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