Thursday, 28 May 2015

For your Carp fishing needs

As you may have read on the carp section of the web site we stock items of bait for the carp angler from Sticky, Bait-Tech, Dynamite, Sonubait, Mainline, CC Moore and Korda, Here, in more detail is what is available.
Part of our new carp bait wall

  •  Pellets, Active Mix, Powder and Boilies (12mm, 16mm and 20mm) - Bloodworm and Krill
  • Liquids - Cloudy Bloodworm, Cloudy Krill, Pure Krill and Aqua Amino
  • Pure Natural Betaine 
  • Pastes - Bloodworm and Krill
  • Pop-Ups, Wafters, Dumbells,Liquids and Sprays - Vor-tex, Krill, Bloodworm, Signature, White Chocolate, Peach and Pepper, Buchu-berry and Pineapple and n'Butyric
  • Glugs - Bloodworm, Krill and Vor-tex.

  • Pellets - Marine Halibut (14mm,10mm,8mm and 6mm), Krill (6mm, 8mm ands the long awaited 14mm), Mixed Krill, Halibut Select and Super Attract Carp and the brand new Fishmeal Carp pellets.
Brand new from Bait-Tech

  • Liquids - Sweet Coconut, Scopex, Strawberry, Green-lipped Mussel and Predator Plus.

  • Big Bags,  Hemp, Chilli Hemp and Party Mix and the long awaited Growler Tiger Nuts.

  • Tins -  Hemp, Chilli Hemp and Particle.
New from Bait-Tech - the Krill pellets in 8mm and 14mm.
Also new from Bait-Tech is the long awaited Poloni Groundbait - ideal for the carp and pleasure angler.

  • Boilies - Monster Tiger Nut (15mm, 20mm), The Source (15mm, 20mm), White Chocolate 15mm, Spicy Tuna and Sweet Chilli 15mm, Robin Red 15mm and Halibut Marine Sea Salt
  • Carptec Boilies - Strawberry,  Spicy Squid, Tutti Frutti, Pineapple and Banana, and Bloodworm
  • Jars - Mixed Particle, Hempseed, Frenzied Feeder Maize and Frenzied Feeder Tiger Nuts
  • Tins - Frenzied Monster Tiger Nuts and Frenzied Monster Chilli Tiger Nuts.

  • Action Boilies - Crab and Crayfish, Pineapple, Strawberry and White Chocolate.
  • Pop-ups - Code Red and Monster Tiger Nut
  • Tins - Spicy Sausage Hemp, Hemp and Meat, Hemp + Krill, Hemp n' Tigers and Hemp n' Crushed Tigers.

  • High Impact Boilies - Peaches and Cream, Salty Squid and Spicy Crab plus freezer boilies
  • Pop-ups - Clockwork Orange, Indian Spice, Hybrid, Cell, Activ-8, Grange (new!) and Pro-active Pineapple.

CC Moore
  • Freezer boilies

  • Goo - all flavours including "smoke" effect.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Windmill Fishery

Sunday 24th May 2015

Chris decided the other day that it was about time he visited Windmill Fishery in order to defeat his gremlins.(He's always struggled there!) Lordy had been to Ivy House the day before and had some expanders to use up so he went along as well. This was a good idea really as he had qualified last week for the semi finals of the South Gloucestershire show and therefore a practice session seemed on the cards.
Drennan keepnets available at Fish & Field

Chris drew peg 22 and Lordy drew peg 23 making it a neighbourly affair. Chris decided not to use his lead rod but stuck to the pole at 16m to get as close to the island as he could. In the meantime Lordy put an 8mm pellet on the straight lead in amongst the ducks (who consumed at least half of his pellet feed during the day) ands was rewarded with three carp fairly promptly. Over the course of the match he varied it between the straight lead and the pole at 8m using the leftover 6mm expanders to finish with 50lb 7oz and first place.(No longer the bridesmaid!)
No more the bridesmaid!

Chris varied it between 16m and 4m but it took him until the last hour or so to start bringing in the carp. He finished with 19lb 6oz.

Friday, 15 May 2015

Membership Tabs at Fish & Field

Just so you know, Fish & Field can supply you with membership cards for:

1) Bathampton Angling Association with day tickets for Newton Park, Huntstrete and Lyde's Farm.

2) Amalgamation tabs with day tickets for Shackells (closed from March 14th to June 16th) and Sabre lake at Calne.

3) Cross Hands Angling Club applications and guest day tickets for all its waters.
 (Must be accompanied by a member)

4) Chippenham Angling Club

New this month to Fish & Field 3

This week at Fish & Field Dynamite Baits have introduced new soft hooker pellets and a groundbait to go with them.

Dynamite Bait's new Marine Halibut Soft Hook Pellets - two containers in one packed
with 10mm and 6mm pellets

This comes highly recommended for the big carp and for commercial fisheries

Our range of Fox items is steadily expanding. This week we can now offer Fox Exocet Controller floats, Bolt Bubbles, Arma point hooks and a 2 and 3 rod pod at good value prices.

Look out for Matrix tackle in the shop before too long.

Need a rod and reel combination at a very competitive price? Fish & Field rod and reel combos start at £29.99. Telescopic rods available too.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

The Sedges Top 2 Tournament

Round 1 Sunday 10th May 2015
Fishing with just the top two of your pole can be a hairy event, especially when the carp decide to turn up, but this is exactly what 20 intrepid anglers, with another 20 anglers on another day, did on a cloudy and windy day.
Pegs 31 to 40 on Tile Lake. The upper numbers are favoured when it comes to bagging up on the carp.

Chris drew peg 33 which is not a renowned carp peg so he decided to fish for silvers, hoping maybe that the carp would come to his constant feeding of the caster. Chris fished shallow using the same rig as the one he used at Ivy House and by the end of the day had amassed a total of 23lb to win the silvers pool.
A handsome net of silvers from peg 33

Lordy was placed in peg 36, next door to John Wintle, a customer of Fish & Field, and the usual £1 wager was put into place!
No matter how he tried, John could not find enough fish in his net. He lost his £1
 Initially Lordy also fished shallow caster but after an hour had only a few small roach in the net. He reverted to fishing near the bottom of the slope with a Drennan carp 5 0.75g float, a size 16 hook and Diawa grey hydro in his top two. It took him several hours and the benefit of listening to his other neighbour before he reverted to meat on the hook. In the last hour he netted twelve carp to weigh in with 97lb and fourth place (bridesmaid again!!)
Four of the twelve carp who turned up in the last hour

The next round is on 14th June - just before Evesham which is Chris' favourite venue. Watch this space!

Thursday, 7 May 2015

New this month to Fish & Field 2

Fish & field can now provide you with even more choice in the carp range by adding Fox to Korda, ESP and Gardner. Fox provides a comprehensive range of terminal tackle, PVA bags and leads.

New to Fish & Field - Gardner's Zig Link line - great value!

Another great additive from Dynamite Baits - the CSL liquid carp food


The Greys GFR50 baitrunner is a valued addition to our baitrunner range. It's an ideal starter reel for the carp enthusiast.

Need to relax when you're out and about fishing? The Chub chair is exceptionally good value.

New in from Preston Innovations - the jigger kit. Everything you'll need to have a go at this exciting method of fishing.

New to the sport or looking for a deal to get your youngster started?

Fish & Field offer a range of Combination rod and reel deals. We have starter kits for float fishing, beach fishing and telescopic rods for the holiday maker with limited space in their luggage.

Sunday, 3 May 2015

New this month to Fish & Field 1

Fish & Field is able to supply you with Drennan feeder systems, Preston Innovation method and banjo feeder systems and now can supply you with Fox and Guru method feeders and moulds. We think you could be spoilt for choice!

The Guru 28g and 36g range, complete with method mould

The Browning method feeder set - ideal for those of us who lose a lot of feeders!
If you are looking for a new set of luggage, as well as Drennan and Preston Innovation, why not consider the new Browning range of rod holdall and carryall.

Browning's Black Magic rod holdall and match carryall - worth considering.
Our pellet and groundbait range is expanding as well. New to Fish & Field is Dynamite Bait's Haith's Robin Red range of pellets and groundbait.

Pellets, Groundbait and Boilies - What more could you want?

For a short time only, look out for this deal.