Thursday, 28 May 2015

For your Carp fishing needs

As you may have read on the carp section of the web site we stock items of bait for the carp angler from Sticky, Bait-Tech, Dynamite, Sonubait, Mainline, CC Moore and Korda, Here, in more detail is what is available.
Part of our new carp bait wall

  •  Pellets, Active Mix, Powder and Boilies (12mm, 16mm and 20mm) - Bloodworm and Krill
  • Liquids - Cloudy Bloodworm, Cloudy Krill, Pure Krill and Aqua Amino
  • Pure Natural Betaine 
  • Pastes - Bloodworm and Krill
  • Pop-Ups, Wafters, Dumbells,Liquids and Sprays - Vor-tex, Krill, Bloodworm, Signature, White Chocolate, Peach and Pepper, Buchu-berry and Pineapple and n'Butyric
  • Glugs - Bloodworm, Krill and Vor-tex.

  • Pellets - Marine Halibut (14mm,10mm,8mm and 6mm), Krill (6mm, 8mm ands the long awaited 14mm), Mixed Krill, Halibut Select and Super Attract Carp and the brand new Fishmeal Carp pellets.
Brand new from Bait-Tech

  • Liquids - Sweet Coconut, Scopex, Strawberry, Green-lipped Mussel and Predator Plus.

  • Big Bags,  Hemp, Chilli Hemp and Party Mix and the long awaited Growler Tiger Nuts.

  • Tins -  Hemp, Chilli Hemp and Particle.
New from Bait-Tech - the Krill pellets in 8mm and 14mm.
Also new from Bait-Tech is the long awaited Poloni Groundbait - ideal for the carp and pleasure angler.

  • Boilies - Monster Tiger Nut (15mm, 20mm), The Source (15mm, 20mm), White Chocolate 15mm, Spicy Tuna and Sweet Chilli 15mm, Robin Red 15mm and Halibut Marine Sea Salt
  • Carptec Boilies - Strawberry,  Spicy Squid, Tutti Frutti, Pineapple and Banana, and Bloodworm
  • Jars - Mixed Particle, Hempseed, Frenzied Feeder Maize and Frenzied Feeder Tiger Nuts
  • Tins - Frenzied Monster Tiger Nuts and Frenzied Monster Chilli Tiger Nuts.

  • Action Boilies - Crab and Crayfish, Pineapple, Strawberry and White Chocolate.
  • Pop-ups - Code Red and Monster Tiger Nut
  • Tins - Spicy Sausage Hemp, Hemp and Meat, Hemp + Krill, Hemp n' Tigers and Hemp n' Crushed Tigers.

  • High Impact Boilies - Peaches and Cream, Salty Squid and Spicy Crab plus freezer boilies
  • Pop-ups - Clockwork Orange, Indian Spice, Hybrid, Cell, Activ-8, Grange (new!) and Pro-active Pineapple.

CC Moore
  • Freezer boilies

  • Goo - all flavours including "smoke" effect.

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