Sunday, 7 June 2015

New to Fish & Field this month

Dynamite baits have been pulling out all the stops recently and have enhanced their bait range. New to Fish & Field are two groundbait mixes - the XL range White Chocolate and Coconut and the Mega Margin Mix.

They have also introduced a range of ready to mix pastes - Red Krill, Betaine Green and Amino. These mixes are two for one - two portions of powder for one portion of water and are ready to use in about ten minutes.

Dynamite have also added to their liquid CSL by introducing Krill and Squid liquids.

Not to be outdone, Bait-Tech have finally brought out their Poloni boilies (freezer) and pop-ups.

On the tackle side of things Mosella Pole Rollers are available at a very reasonable £39.99. These have good extension to the legs and are a sturdy make.

There is a lot more Matrix (Fox) tackle in the shop. The latest is the Matrix rig case which has a rubber seal to keep your rigs dry.

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