Friday, 18 September 2015

Fish & Field Sale

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One week only starting Saturday 3rd October 2015
Autumn Sale
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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

The Sedges Autumn League 13th September 2105

Brick Lake is a large rectangular item with 10 pegs either side. It is packed to the gunnels with carp, bream, tench, roach and eels and normally is a very prolific water. Guess what? On the day it fished like the fish had gone on holiday and the first few hours were very frustrating, especially watching the anglers on pegs 11 to 20 catching steadily. Lordy drew peg 6 and started with a paste line which produced nothing. He switched to a caster fed line at 5m using a worm and soon hooked and landed an eel of about 1lb. He normally screams like a little girl when he hooks one of these so he's getting better - he didn't even cringe as he grasped the snake-like creature!

With about 90 minutes to go he had about 3lb in the net and was just thinking that he was not going to catch any carp when his paste rig sank away and he hooked and landed a12lb 4oz common carp. Switching to a worm tail produced 4 more carp - all around the 10lb mark and a decent bream. This gave him 53lb 13oz and a surprising section win. Matt Taynton, a customer of Fish & Field was first with 71lb 7oz.

Tile Lake next!

Sunday, 6 September 2015

The Sedges Autumn League September 6th

It really made a pleasant change to motor down to Bridgwater with the prospect of a fine sunny day ahead, not something we've had too much of recently. The Sedges Autumn League is a 6 match series, two on the Canal Lake, two each on Tile and Brick Lakes. It was the turn of the Canal Lake this time which does not contain large carp but rather a mixture of smaller species including chub and barbel.

Lordy drew peg 44 next to owner Jamie Cook on 45. He fished at 13m with the Drennan Acolyte Carp pole, a Drennan crystal dibber and 0.13 line to a size 16 Drennan carp feeder hook to nylon. Caster and worm were the preferred bait. A small skimmer bream right at the start was followed about 40 minutes later by an eel of about 1lb. It took another 40 minutes before Lordy hooked his first carp of the day, only to see it escape when his landing net became detached from the handle! Jamie in the meantime had not had a bite!

Eventually the peg became more productive but it remained hard work to keep the fish there. Lordy ended up with 6 carp, 2 barbel several skimmer bream, a perch and an eel for a total of 22lb. This gave him second place on the day with John Fuidge from Thornbury winning it with 23lb 5oz. Both him and Lordy won their league sections.

The next match is on Sunday 13th September on Brick Lake which should produce larger weights and involve an altogether different style of fishing. We shall see!

Oh, and if you're thinking the M5 would be clear now that the holidays are over, think again. It took two and a half hours to get home!!

Thursday, 3 September 2015

The Sedges Top Two Tournament - 31st August 2015

Lordy qualified for the final after just two matches he felt pretty confident that he would at last manage to produce a good performance when it really mattered. He drew peg 35 - of which he was very satisfied - next to Vic Bush. He started with paste and within 15 minutes had been smashed twice and landed a common carp of about 6lb. During this time Vic had hooked and landed a carp in excess of 15lb!
Having given up on the paste he reverted to meat and caster but struggled to get anything going. A double worm resulted in a perch of about 2lb and a little session on the single caster resulted in about 20 small roach and skimmer bream. Two hours in and he went back to the paste. This time it was more successful as he landed 5 carp and an eel within the hour until he ran out of paste! He had maintained the caster and meat feeding and an 8mm cube of "Spam" soon got the carp going again.
He ended up with 16 carp, including a weigher of 12lb 8oz to finish with 98lb - a very enjoyable day's fishing. Bob Gullet won the day and Nick Fuidge and John Fuidge were second and third.

Next week? The Sedges Autumn league starts on the Canal Lake.

Mike at Hunters

Mike recently bought a new Korum 11ft waggler rod from Fish & Field and tested it out at Hunter's Lake which belongs to the Cross Hands Club.
Fishing at dead depth with 6lb main line and an 8mm krill pellet on a waggler set up he hooked and landed an 11lb 8oz Common carp - a personal best.

Nice one Mark