Sunday, 19 April 2015

Granville catches his first big'un of the year.

This was Granville's first carp for 2015 from his syndicate lake near Gloucester. It weighed in at 26lb 2oz and was caught on a 9 foot, 3-piece 2 3/4 test curve stalking rod.

The rig used, for those who get turned on by these sort of things (Granville's words, not mine!) was a two inch hooklength made up from ESP 20lb sink link, tied up as a confidence rig (as in Chris Haswell's book "Happy Days"), with the new, very sharp size 8 Korda Krank barbless at the business end. The bait was a betalin flavoured dumbbell that just counterbalanced the weight of the hook.

Needless to say, Granville is a happy chappie!

A beautiful creature - and the carp ain't bad either!

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