Thursday, 16 April 2015

Ivy HouseLakes 12th April 2015

Ivy House then

Ivy House now

Chris has not been to Ivy house since the new owners took over so it was a bit of a surprise for him to note how much has changed in the past year or so. A very acceptable breakfast was followed by the draw. Lordy drew peg 7 and Chris drew peg 40 - a peg that he always wanted to fish but was never put in the bag by the old regime.

Chris decided very early on that he wanted to fish for the roach - a favourite tactic of his. He used a single caster at 5m shallow and soon built up a good net of roach. After some time he noticed that a lot of carp were topping out in front of him at about 12m. An 8mm pellet fished shallow with caster as attractors bagged him a carp of about 14lb followed shortly by another of about 5lb. After that the carp "dried up" so he switched back to the roach. With a little time to go he had another look at 12m and hooked and landed a good sized carp to give him 3rd place in the match with 39lb 6oz including 13lb of roach winning him the silvers pool.

Lordy arrived at his peg to find a very strong wind beating him up! Having retrieved pole sections several times he decided to use the cage feeder - a safer option. Using his 12' Drennan carp feeder rod, a Diawa Whisker reel loaded with 6lb Drennan feeder line, a small cage feeder loaded with Dynamite baits green swim stim pellets and double 4mm Drennan "Yum Yum" pellets on a size 16 hook, he wafted it all out to about 15m. Very soon he hooked and landed a decent carp, followed by 5 more all on the "Yum Yum" to finish with 34lb 6oz - just out the money (as usual!)

In the café afterwards for the result we were greeted with a bowl of chicken nuggets and chips - very civilised!

Chris at work on peg 40


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