Wednesday, 22 April 2015

New to Fish & Field 2

New from Sonubait at Fish & Field, the Action boilies in Strawberry, Crab and Crayfish, white chocolate and pineapple. These are high leakage boilies for instant action, developed especially for day ticket waters and highly pressured venues. Action is virtually guaranteed.
The new "Hemp and.." range has hemp and krill, hemp and meat chunks and spicy sausage hemp. All are ready to use with perfectly cooked hemp.


New from Sticky - Pure natural betaine. A fantastic addition to any particles, pellets or spod mix. Helps to boost attractors and liquid foods
Talking of liquid foods, the new Aqua Amino liquid is an extremely soluble "fish soup". It's the perfect bait soak liquid penetrating much deeper into a bait's core. Find these items at the carp bar at Fish & Field.

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