Monday, 20 April 2015

Look after your elastic!

Elastics galore at Fish & Field
Lordy went to Ivy House last Sunday and drew peg 45 - a noted (according to Des Shipp and other worthy notables) carp peg. So, Lordy dutifully set up the appropriate carp rigs and set about fishing. It was not long before he hooked into a good sized carp which hared off into the middle of the lake. Having turned the fish and coaxed it to just in front, he grabbed the pulla bung to tighten the elastic and was met with a snapping sound followed by a short piece of elastic and a bead in his hand.

Now, you may think that the fish sailed off into the distance. Not so! The elastic inside the top two was so gummed up that he managed to grab the other end and handline a 12lb mirror carp to the net.
The moral? Keep your elastics clean and check for wear regularly.

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