Monday, 16 May 2016

Fish & Field at the Sedges April 24th 2016

What started out as a single lake day out for Fish & Field customers ended up as a full blown two lake 40 peg event due to the popularity of the venue and the enthusiasm of our customers.
The weather did its bit and stayed dry but the wind coming form the North made it a bit of a chilly affair.

However, some good weights came out with Keith Bilder top scoring with 179lb 2oz from peg 10 on Brick Lake. John Clark was second overall with 101lb 5oz from peg 11 on Brick Lake and Matt Taynton was third with 97lb 10oz from peg 9 on Brick Lake ( get the feeling the fish were up that end?)

Tile Lake also managed to produce some good weights with Des Shipp amassing 84lb 14oz from peg 30, Ryan Shipp with 79lb 4oz from peg 37 and Dave Downton with 75lb 11oz from peg 22. The winner of the Silver Fish pool was Martin Pettifer with 14lb 8oz. Ryan Shipp was second with 12lb 8oz.

The next Fish & Field match day out is at Avalon Fishery on Sunday 12th June. If you wish to fish, let Chris Derrick know and book in at the shop. We have another day out pending on Sunday 3rd July at Ivy House Fishery. This one is a limited peg match (20 pegs maximum) so it will be first come, first served.

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