Monday, 1 February 2016

Windmill sunday open Jan 31st

Made my way down to Windmill on Sunday to fish the open match 20 plus had booked in which is great for this time of year.
After talking to some old faces which was nice it was time to draw, peg one came out just on the outside of the bowl which was ok, the wind was just off my back but squally so fishing long pole was going to be hard I started at 13 meters loose feeding 6mm pellets with a catapult and had another line off to my left at 13 meters which I fed using a cup to keep things tight with pellets and corn.
The reason for feeding the main line with a catapult was to try and draw the carp away from the open water plus the other two people in the bowl 29 and 31 both chucked the lead so I felt I could draw some fish. I also had a groundbait line at 4 meters in 6 feet of water in the hope to catch some silvers.
The match commenced and wind got stronger I persisted on the pole and had no bites but kept feeding little and often with pellets then had a big skimmer. on the silver line I started to catch small skimmers and odd roach but it was the carp I was after.
The wind dropped slightly so I put the 14 meter section on and no bites then the 16 meter section and down went the float only to loose a carp long story short the carp were right off the feed and the wind made it impossible  to present the bait how I wanted to.
In the end I had three carp  on the 13 meter line when the carp showed up but to late in the match im sure I could of had more if I could of fished long for longer .....41 lb won the match on lead tactics and 11lb the silvers I may have caught on the lead but was cut off by peg 31.
Well done to Terry Bolton for a great day well see you next week...

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