Thursday, 14 January 2016

Good Roach sport on the cards this weekend

The weather is cold and the water is clear but one or two fish will be willing to feed.
Roach can feed well if you use the right approach small hooks finer lines and less feed will get you more bites.
When I went to a local club lake last week I fed some fine white crumb using a pole cup and fished a small peace of punch on the hook and started to catch roach straight away don't worry if you don't have a pole you can throw a small ball of crumb in by hand you don't need to fish to far out as the roach will be closer than you think as long as you have a bit of depth.
Also try adding some casters to the crumb as this will attract the larger roach and skimmers, carp will often come into the cloud of bait to investigate to.
Now the weather is dry and frosty I cant wait to go out and catch some winter roach.....tight lines

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