Friday, 1 January 2016

Fish & Field Christmas Match

It was off to the Sedges for the day for Fish & Field and 40 of its customers on Sunday 20th December for the annual Christmas match. The café at Bridgwater was inundated with at least 20 of the participants (lucky we let them know!) and after a very pleasant breakfast it was down the road to the Sedges Complex. Both lakes were to be used and following a warm welcome from Jamie and Denise Cook we all drew pegs. Des Shipp drew peg 3 and we were told that the angler on that peg had blanked the day before!
Anglers on Brick Lake caught steadily, especially Chris Davis who used meat on the straight lead. Half of the anglers on Tile lake caught well to begin but it tailed off as the day wore on. Those of us on pegs 21 - 30 struggled all day!
Anyway, enough of the moaning, what about the results?
1st - Chris Davis                                 123lb 1oz
2nd - Daniel (I beat my Dad!) Shipp    79lb 12oz
3rd - Pete Watkins                                66lb 3oz
4th - Ian Townsend                              59lb 14oz   Section H winner
5th - Des Shipp                                    56lb 10oz   Silver pool 1st
6th - Ricky Mills                                 56lb 1oz   Section B winner
7th - Matthew Taynton                       45lb 3oz
8th - Jack Arpino                                44lb 13oz  Section A winner
9th - Matt Woodward                         43lb 6oz    Silver pool 2nd
10th- Vince Shipp                               36lb 10oz  Section G winner
11th - Keith Bilder                              36lb 7oz   Section F winner
12th - Kevin Lloyd                              32lb 5oz  Section D winner
13th - Stewart Riddle                          30lb 6oz   Section C winner

24th - Dean Sharp                               10lb 9oz   Section E winner
25th - Andy Lord                                  9lb 13oz  (oh dear!)

32nd - Chris Derrick                             3lb 3oz (oh dear dear dear!)

The evening followed with a very pleasant meal for all at the Squire Inn. There was a raffle after with many prizes donated by companies and individuals to raise funds for the Wallace and Gromit appeal (Bristol Children's Hospital). At the time of writing we don't have the exact amount raised. Watch this space for more information and notices in the shop.

On behalf of Fish & Field may we wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy and tight-lined new year.

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