Monday, 19 October 2015

Chris back at the Sedges

It's been quite a while since Chris has been to the Sedges for a match. This time he was guest of Glenfall AC for one of their club matches. He picked Lordy up at 6.15am and proceeded to Parkway Café for a customary breakfast and then on to the Sedges. Chris drew peg 26 and just for a change Lordy drew next to him on peg 28.
The weather was grey and cloudy with not a breath of wind - not the best conditions, a little ripple on the water suits the fishing better here - and it was a while before any bites came along. Chris fished shallow at 13m with as bunch of dead maggots feeding caster and soon had several bream. During the day, he managed to net just over 13lb of silvers, including a decent eel and four carp for 34lb to finish with 47lb 8oz. Lordy also managed to capture four carp but his weighed in at 21lb. His small offering of silvers which included an eel of about 3lb only gave him a total of 26lb.
Chris says he's going to Ivy House next week. This is good news for Lordy - yet another venue at which Chris can show him up!!

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